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New Royal Hotel, RUBYVALE, QLD

New Royal Hotel
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+61 7 4985 4754
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The New Royal Hotel Rubyvale, the finest establishment in town, awaits you with great pride and expectation. Why settle for anything less? The very words "

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Comments (5)

mark's picture

mark (not verified)

Called in there recently on my way thru to cairns ( from South OZ). Like lots of small town pubs I think they feel a need to overdue things. the meals we had were good . well priced but had too much fill ( salad,chips etc) and most went uneaten. Trying to offer "value" by putting too much on the plate.
The staff seemed to know all the "locals" as you would expect and were very chatty which sometimes meant a wait for the stranger at the bar.

As for the comment about staff playing Keno whilst working , I certainly didnt notice it......but then I wasnt particularly watching for it either. Maybe it is just staff off duty playing that are known by The "local" who commented on this. Or is it that the "local" has some other grudge !!!!!!

In a small community there are often other issues at play when someone feels the need to type that sort of comment. visit was certainly pleasant enough.

local's picture

local (not verified)

The staff drink alcohol whilst working and play keno on their own machine. One staff member has won over 10k in the last 2 months, I say wats goin on.....Gaming auditors where plain clothes too.

caroline buchan's picture

caroline buchan (not verified)

It would be nice if there was more information about the new rubyvale hotel, or have I logged on to the wrong site?????? I believe this hotel will be hosting a wedding this weekend and I would like to check the catering before I appear! I do hope that it is not steak for the men and chicken for the ladies cos I dont like chicken! Will the loos be clean as this is a crucial sign of a good establishment.

fred's picture

fred (not verified)

Probably not nothing changes overpriced and meals undercooked as my family found out wont be going again

Jessica's picture

Jessica (not verified)

My family and I were in Rubyvale for the weekend two weeks ago and it was just lovely. The locals were so nice and happy to answer all our questions. We had a lovely meal at the pub on the Friday night - so much so that we went back the following night. We found the meals to be very well priced (especially the specials), and that is with a family of four on a modest budget. I had been told by a local that the pub has under gone some changes lately which have all been for the better. Fred - maybe this explains your previously bad experience.

Caroline - hope the wedding went well and you did not get chicken.

Thank you Rubyvale for a lovely weekend away with the family - we will be back again.

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