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Shorncliffe Seaview Hotel, SANDGATE, QLD

Shorncliffe Seaview Hotel
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About Shorncliffe Seaview Hotel: 

If you are looking for a venue which has a bit of yesteryears character and ambience about it then you should go and check out the Seaview Hotel on the top of the hill at Shorncliffe. The Seaview Hotel on Pier Avenue continues to be the Bay's leading venue for food, fun and entertainment. Friday night live music is run in the sports bar on Friday nights from 7.30pm. "It has been great that all the locals have supported the live music, and to see people that normally come to the Seaview and just have a meal on Friday nights, come over to the sports bar and dance the night away" said the venue manage

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Comments (4)

andy's picture

andy (not verified)

I ordered a reef n beef. It was more like steak with tiny prawns on a stick. Not very nice at all. On a previous visit there i got a tasty scallop mornay with a nice bit of rump on top. Did the chef lose his recipe book

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

WOW - some of these comments are too harsh! Any pub will see the occassional fist fight and an entire restaurant can't be trashed for ONE PERSON's bad service can they?! All in all, I have found this a fantastic place to eat and play for over 10 years...perhaps people shouldn't expect WAY too much from a suburban pub!

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

We had dinner at this hotel on Valentine's Night. It was one of the best meals - great service, great friendly staff and beautiful food ancd very very reasonable. Thanks and congratulations

Marlowe's picture

Marlowe (not verified)

I'm not surprised this pub doesn't rate very well. I made the mistake of having dinner there with my family last Friday, where do I start? I paid almost thirty dollars for a steak that was inedible, the wrong meals were brought to our table and when we asked for the meals we had ordered the staff were incredibly rude about it and on our way out we had to make our way past two drunks who were beating eachother senseless while their low life mates screamed obscenities.

I will never eat there again.

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