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Station Hotel, TIARO, QLD

Station Hotel
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About Station Hotel: 

The Station Hotel (The Hideaway) was a going concern in 1881 and has always traded and still trades as a hotel. It is a fine example of a single story hotel of that period.

The building has wide open verandas, original doors and windows, detached kitchen (really unspoiled by the passage of time). The only real addition to the pub is an open beer garden called The Frangipani lounge which looks out to the mountains over the Mary River flats.

The patrons of the Hotel has changed over the years, in the early days it was river travel (only 300 metres from Hotel) and the miners on their way to the gold fields of Gympie, then the timber cutters after the huge hardwoods, Sugar Cane cutters and railway navies and now it’s locals, tourists, food and people who are looking to enjoy good country hospitality.
There are still plenty of characters that breast the bar, always ready for a joke or a yarn.

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