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Toorbul Tavern, TOORBUL, QLD

Toorbul Tavern
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+61 7 5498 8210
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Boating and fishing in the adjacent Pumicestone Passage make Toorbul the ideal getaway spot for the watersports enthusiast. Boat ramp, fishing supplies, convenience store and tavern are all within 400 metres of the park in this peaceful seaside village, a ten minute drive off the Bruce Highway. Kangaroos wandering the streets in the late afternoon make this an unique holiday location.

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Comments (7)

margaret harris's picture

margaret harris (not verified)

my husband makes rod holders for selling, holds 6 rods, and holders are varnished to, can take orders, if interested in placing 1 or 2 in your store, to see if they sell, please ring - 0754983959 anytime, we lived in toorbul once, my grandaughters cleaned up the front of the pb for you, at that time, thankyou

aj's picture

aj (not verified)

I think the pub and shop is a great little place.. I don't get there very much but have never had a problem when I have been there. Our family loves going there to get lunch and play in the playground accross the road.
We have a small business and no matter how much you try to keep everyone happy - some people just don't want to be happy.
But I wish them all the best in running the little shop and pub.

K's picture

K (not verified)

I have been to this tavern numerous times and would like to say;
I have never had a bad meal and I have never had any problems with the staff or the owner. I found that everyone, owners, staff and the locals, have always been very plesant and welcoming.

I also believe that you will only get out of people what you put in. So to those of you who had problems with the staff being rude maybe you should be considering why they were rude. Keeping in mind that the Toorbul Tavern is a small community pub, not a big city 5 star restaurant.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

It's funny how people only make the effort to complain. It's a small town with limited staff selection and support. You'd be the first to whinge if there was nothing there but instead you whinge about the quality of the staff. Petty I'd say. The tavern is a great small town shop and pub. You can't go there and expect the service and quality of an inner city/suburb establishment. I say well done working with what is available and I'd like to see you people do it better! Pretty easy to pass judgement when you have no idea the commitment it takes to run 16 hour a day business on your own.

Up Yours's picture

Up Yours (not verified)

Six months with no input - and two posts in 38 minutes.
There must be a grapevine.

Wonder why one of the latest two posts ended up at the top - and the other at the bottom.
Must be a descending scale of quality ...

Bet this ends up at the bloody bottom !

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

The most recent post goes to the top - logic really.

If you reply to somebody's else post of course it would go underneath it - hence why some of the dates are out................

 Up Yours's picture

Up Yours (not verified)

What a pity. Six months since that last post - and not a postive comment to counter the semi-literate whingers.

Perhaps they might ponder that it is a small family business which provides an invaluable service to the Toorbul community.
The store, newspaper deliveries, take-aways, dine-ins, the tavern, the bottle shop, the caravan park ...
The business supports local groups far beyond just "advertising" value - the Firies, Fish Restocking, the War Memorial, NHW, the Fishing Club etc etc etc
ANY project for the betterment of the area and you can bet Mark will be the first cab off the rank !

The meals are fine - dollar for dollar.
OK - perhaps SOME of the staff could be induced to be a bit more pleasant and outgoing ... but in a small community one can only work with the 'human resources' available.

Knockers might try rising just after 4am for paper deliveries and still be on deck at 9pm ... 17 hours ... and see if THEY are always bright and bubbly.
Particularly with some of the dorks they have to handle.

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