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Veresdale Hotel, VERESDALE, QLD

Veresdale Hotel
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+61 7 5543 1204
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About Veresdale Hotel: 

Family friendly hotel with a country atmosphere

Open 7days 10am-late

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Comments (6)

Deborah  & Anthony Cross's picture

Deborah & Anth... (not verified)

well i am a local and today my husbane and i stopped in there for lunch with my inlaws.... and i would have to say the meal was a disgrace.... we ordered barra with chips and veg (on the mneu it says veg for extra $3) only to be told no veg where preped so we had to have salad, said to the girl serving that we HATE the salads u get in pubs these days, she tried to tell us that it was a nice salad with only a little bit of lettuce..... what came out was total crap a little bit of lettuce yep she got that right, the only green stuff of was stinging nettle looking crap with a piece of tomato some capsicum and cucumber and onion (everything we detest) a salad is beetroot, tomato, pineapple, REAL lettuce, coleslaw ect not HIPPY crap.... the fish WAS not barra more like the cheap old dirty flathead that was on the special but sold to us at the barra price, that was that over cooked the batter was hard and to oily to eat, the chips where cooked, and the salad was floating in a 1-2 tablespoons of water in the bottom of the bowl....we eat out a lot at different hotels and i would have to say this was the crappiest meal we have had to date, and its not the first time we have had a shit meal here either... had the lunch special T_BONE one other day it was suppose to be medium rare and it was that over cooked it was to dry to eat it and my gums bleed all sfter noon from trying to chew it, we didnt have the time ti take it back as my hubby had to leave for work with in the hour... i think its time you lot picked up your game and made that place work.... you have a beautiful area there for customers to relax and ENJOY their meal.

Tiffany's picture

Tiffany (not verified)

Having been to this pub many many times and had great meals I was somewhat shocked by the service and food that was presented to me. Dont get me wrong it wasnt cheap either after spending over $100 on food and drinks. I asked for the Oysters but was told they didnt have any seafood (tip maybe to advertise that) the Bruchetta that came out was awful and so wrong. My husband and I ordered Rib Fillet Medium Rare and I expressed the need for Sauce on the side! No out come our steaks with sauce all over only to be told by the cheif "ah well" The waitress was blamed and she blamed the ordering system. Hip Hop music blaring from the kitchen, an uninterested waitress and a cook who couldnt care less. Will never venture there again

VG's picture

VG (not verified)

Having read the previous comments I cannot help but disagree. My husband myself family and friends have been to this pub on a few occasions, on each occasion we have had good friendly service by all staff and the meals have been well cooked and presented, I do agree that the flies can be a bit of issue but that is just a fact of Qld, for those of you who went in the early stages of this pubs re-vamp I urge you to give it another go as the new kitchen is now in place.
Too the person who feels this pub is mismanaged why not travel the extra 5 minutes and stop whinging.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Was given this establishment by the recommendation of a friend who used to frequent there in the past, we took their advice and had our 18th anniversary on Saturday 10/12/11.
I very rarely give a bad comment even if going somewhere average.
This was far below that and we were the only 2 people eating.
The person upstairs who took the order was lovely the rest failed.
We ordered 2 medium steaks one with mushroom sauce the other diane.
We received 2 well done steaks with mushroom soup sauce, the salad dressing would have been nice except for the decomposing salad.
We were planning on staying the afternoon playing some pool, having drinks etc but could not wait to leave and have desert/coffee elsewhere.
This is certainly not a nice setting either, more an outback scrub pub riddled with flies and fairly unkempt.
They need a chef who can read and cook, maybe an interested waitress, definitely a fly zapper and a regular cleaner.
The bar girl's personality is the only thing going for it!

D.r.C's picture

D.r.C (not verified)

I have only been a Patron at the Veresdale pub (the V) for a little while now and would like to comment that this particular pub is a great place to have a few drinks with your mates and play pool. Also the food and service is great.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

This establishment is very mismanaged. I have been a patron here for a couple of months as it is conveniently located however feel that the pub has no concern for the safety of the greater public allowing patrons to become excessively drunk and disorderly on a regular basis. The food is lack luster and the service is below average. All in all I find the hotel to be very disappointing and would rather travel 5 minutes in either direction to a much better, cleaner and nicer environment.

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