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the refurbished "The Greenman Inn", ASHBOURNE, SA

The Greenman Inn
Main Road
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About the refurbished "The Greenman Inn": 

Built in 1865 the Inn was the original Post Office and General Store for the area.

After extensive renovations in early 2018, The Greenman Inn is now reopened and has not lost any of its country charm.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing coffee, refreshing drink or snack, lunch sitting on the verandah or lawn taking in the view or perhaps a more extensive evening meal with a group of friends, you'll find the Greenman Inn has something for everyone. We are able to cater for large groups and our new menu caters for all dietary requirements.

Come and join us on Wednesday night for our Schnitty night or Fridays for our farmers feast night. Our menu offers good refreshing pub fair with something for all. We are proud to showcase the best produce from the area.

Main Course meals starting from $20.00.

Extensive Seasonal Menu, Dining Room/Alfresco, Light Lunches, Snacks and a Childrens menu.

Proudly supporting local farmers by using local produce.

Open Wednesday 2.00pm to late , Thursday- Sunday 11am - late.

Bookings greatly appreciated to avoid disappointment.

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Reviews (1)

tony.cheyne.1's picture

Relax in Ashbourne

7 years 3 months ago

It is a great place to ride to and such pleasant surrounds ensure you will find it a refreshing experience. I have probably called in here for a cool ale and a bite to eat on 5 or 6 occasions over the years and have never been disappointed. If you haven't been there before, mark it on your bucket list. It is worth the travel.


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Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

We have been going to the greenman for a long time the meals are great and we have always found the service great. This my have left a bad taste in your mouth but i can tell you the food and the one on one service wont. Your loss

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Its a busy place, the staff don't allways have time to go through the jole menue to you so you can make up your mind of weather you'lll go there for lunch, so much work has to go into setting tables, food prep, and all the rest that go's with it to make your experience at the pub enjoyabel, D. Sorrel YOUR LOSS

Roxann's picture

Roxann (not verified)

After reading another review we decided to visit the Greenman Inn ourselves. Unfortunately our experience was very disappointing.
I ordered the fillet steak, medium to well done, but it arrived totally charcoaled, and so well done through it was dry, with very little flavour (except for the black!). The salad that was served with it was very dry, no dressing whatsoever, and very little flavour. A very unsatisfying meal as a result. I was told afterwards that I could have just asked for dressing but none was offered at the time, and none was provided in a jug etc.

The others in our family ordered the fish platter, which was very generous in size, but the vegetables were so overdone the broccoli and cauliflower crumbled when forked and was wet and tasteless. Honestly the vegetables smacked of pre-prepared packet frozen veg, and for a country pub serving I expected better.

After our meal was over, the manageress came and asked us how it was. I asked if she really wanted to know. I first explained that I was a foodie, and did have my own food business, so I was going to be honest, but constructive. She was very open, and I explained in detail the disappointments with the dishes. I suggested that although the cook did well with the deep fried sea food, he did have a serious timing issue in plating the dishes. She examined the vegetables, as they were so over done they were inedible, and she agreed. After apologies, and thanks for our input, she said that she hoped it would not prevent us from coming back. She did not offer us even a complimentary drink or coffee for our disappointment. Well, given the steak was dry and tasteless, the vegetables inedible and the meal for the family of 4 cost over $100, with only damper as a side I don't think we will go back.

At the end of the day, service and quality of food is what people are paying for. If you as the proprieter acknowledge the complaints of the customer are valid, it is up to you to offer something in return, as repeat business is the continued success of your business. To smile and say thanks for the input and say "well I hope it won't put you off next from coming back - buy buy!" but do nothing there and then to make the customer fell less regretful for their patronage, is begging for a failed business.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

My partner and I recently stumbled upon this country pub one evening when out and about in the Adelaide Hills. First thing that grabbed us is the atmosphere - much more like a spacious and warm family home than the traditional crampy, noisy pub atmosphere. The slow-combustion was roaring away, people were happily diving into 'mixed grill' piled sky-high on their plates, and there were families with children all partaking in the very reasonably priced menu.

The food presentation is exactly what you want from pub food; humble presentation (not too fussy and uptight or too cheesy and old-fashioned - no out dated segments of orange and curly parsley garnishing the food here), it's rustic and VERY generous in portion, but most importantly the taste of all the foods were terrific, everything was cooked with care and consideration, using fresh local ingredients, and the meats were done to perfection!

I ordered the Greek-style lamb and could barely finish it there was so much food! Lots of olives and fetta, home-made tzatziki, Delicious. The lamb was tender, moist, savory and slightly smokey with a little crunch where you want it! Just like a very good barbeque, perfect!

They do a great schnitzel too (my partner got that and was absolutely rapt, best one he's had in a while, and the mushroom sauce was terrific)
Ask about their schnitzel night, apparently the last one drew over 120 people and their are over 15 different variations to choose from.

The Dessert menu is even more simple, perhaps a little less to choose from than you'd normally be used to, but it's family friendly and nostalgic - if you are hanging for a spider with a big scoop of icecream then it's there on the menu, or perhaps a bit of Pud', or perhaps the kids want a sundae with lots of lollies scattered over the top, no problem you'll find it here - like I said, it feels more like you are welcomed into someone's home rather than a pub, so the meals are simple and don't take long to reach you after you order them.

I highly recommend the Greenman Inn, we had a really lovely night, and I think that if you are after a warm homely atmosphere without fuss or pretension, friendly service and a nice big scrumptious pub meal to undo the belt buckle for - then this is the one to visit!



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