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Coburn Hotel, COCKBURN, SA

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Elder Terrace
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Welcome! To the first and last hotel in South Australia and the best hotel in COCKBURN!

Sitting on the high (Northern) side of the Barrier Highway at the South Australia and New South Wales border; 50km West of Broken Hill, we are the border pub stop to mark on your map.

Make sure you take a few minutes to not only photograph that famous state border sign, but divert 100m off the beaten track to come and say HI. You are entering Outback Country and you deserve to meet it with genuine Outback Hospitality.

Whether you would like to settle in with an icy cold beer or enjoy a cuppa on the go, we'd love to see you and have you stay a while for a chat.

See you soon!!!! Cheers from Ryan and Meredith

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Matt K's picture

Matt K (not verified)

Well I totally disagree with the comment above...I went on a 16 day road trip by myself from Sydney - Adelaide - Sydney recently, with no plans, only to stop at pubs along the way and camp under the stars. I stopped at the Coburn Hotel early afternoon and bought a nice cold beer, which I received promptly, and was very fairly priced, and was served by a friendly lady who I beleive was the publican. After a few more beers and a few hours later and a bit of a yarn with the publican I decided to stay the nite. She told me there were rooms at the pub or rooms at a small guest house a few hundred meters up the road. I decided to stay at the guest house so she kindly contacted the manager and arranged a room for me. I was some what surprised to how helpful she was considering my money for accomodation was going to someone else, which would never happen in the city or in big country towns. I returned later that afternoon and spent the evening there with a handful of some of the most friendly people (all locals) I've met in years, and had a great nite. I highly recommend this pub to anyone passing thru, and if you have time spend the nite there. Its a classic Aussie outback pub, with a genuine friendly Aussie atmosphere!!

John1's picture


I often stop in and visit not-so-known hotels and sample the local atmosphere. Normally I find little treasures that are staffed by very genuine people. The Coburn or Cockburn Hotel is not one of these places. It is obvious that the owners have forgotten or maybe never knew the key to running a bush pub is creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. I arrived to an empty front bar and waited 10 minutes before the staff member appeared from a back room. She was rude and after charging me a small fortune for a beer she disappeared again not to return. I drank my beer in silence and after 15 minutes of seeing no-one I left. Nothing was on tap and there was no food available.
I suggest you don’t bother with Cockburn and go into Broken Hill or Silverton.

Meredith Esam's picture

Meredith Esam (not verified)

I do feel sad that you made these comments about our pub. Being 5 generations of Cockburn locals and after 23 years industry experience, your comments surprise us! We've 99% been met with very positive feedback on our hotel and service. We have 9 accommodation rooms, limited day and evening menu, lots of cold beer selections and bar spirit options available. Our day time trade is often intermittent and yes, our bar during daytime is often un-patroned due to our local population being a meagre 32 people. I am not sure that your comment on a 'small fortune for a beer' is accurate as we are actually cheaper than Broken Hill and food is available; although; with kitchen under renovation traditional 'counter meals' are not available at the moment. Burgers, steak sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, pies, sausage rolls and the like are available and are on offer, you just need to ask. There has been no beer on tap here for over 20 years but we have kegs on tap for functions now thanks to Coopers Brewery. There is plenty of cold beer selections from the fridge available. Rudeness? Never. We select our staff very carefully and if it is myself serving, I believe every patron deserves a smile as soon as they walk in; so not sure how "rudeness" and being left alone in silence happened. Apologies again and it seems as though we owe you our coldest from our best selection on your next stop.

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