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The Bushman Hotel, GAWLER, SA

The Bushman Hotel
10 Cowan Street
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(08) 8522 1001
08 8523 2681
About The Bushman Hotel: 

The Bushman Hotel is the hub of action in Gawler offering a range of experiences for pub goers of all ages. Formally known as "The Old Bushman" and built in the 1840's by Architect Robert Robertson, The Bushman Hotel was paramount to establishing the early development of Gawler and is one of the towns’ earliest buildings.

More recently, The Bushman Hotel has undergone extensive renovations and is now looking better than ever whilst remaining the heart and soul of Gawler's day and night-time scene.

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Comments (4)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

i think that this pub sucks, seriously the exchange is alot better, better ppl and atmosphere, and i agree if u want to fight and carry on go to the bushys, its full of young ppl and is not that fun at all

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Your kidding right. The Exchange is home to more serious assults than all the hotels put togeather. I should know I'm a paramedic.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Thats pretty funny, i wouldnt say its that bad... but thats definately the stereotype

Anonymous Bar Fly's picture

Anonymous Bar Fly (not verified)

Great pub. Settle in for a relaxed saturday or sunday afternoon. Or great night spot on Friday and saturday nights.

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