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Clare Castle Hotel, KAPUNDA, SA

Clare Castle Hotel
105 Main Street
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+61 8 8566 2103
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Relaxed country atmosphere, Woodfire, Outside Dining/Beer Garden suitable for Functions/Live music, Bike friendly, Bottleshop, Great food at Great prices

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Comments (2)

Tracey's picture

Tracey (not verified)

Have in recent months visited this pub twice for a karaoke night. First visit meals were very slow in coming out, but the consensus was maybe they were not used to having such a large crowd all at once.

Most recent visit on the 20th July left a lot to be desired. Arrived to find most of the tables and chairs had been removed from the dining room replaced instead with a pool table. The other area still had its pool table as well. When we asked where we were supposed to sit to eat, we were told to all cram into the front bar and eat at the bar.

Again service was exceptionally slow. With my particular order there was some misunderstanding as it was not clear on the 'specials notice' that I had to choose from the 'Seafood Saturday Special" from a list of fish, salt n pepper squid, crumbed prawns or something else.
When ordering my meal I specified I would like vegetables NOT salad with my meal.
When the misunderstanding was being explained I again asked for vegetables with the meal.
After waiting for nearly an hour I approached the bar saying "Look I can understand that you are quite busy and there was a mix up with my order, but I have been waiting for some time now, and I'm seeing other peoples orders coming out? Where's mine? I shouldn't have to wait any longer, my order should be at the front of the queue" As the management turned to ask the staff who had taken my order something I again asked that vegetables be served with it, not salad. (It's winter, I want hot food when its cold plus I enjoyed the way the vegetables had been done on my last visit)

A little after 8pm (I had placed my order not long after we had arrived at 6pm) a friend also approached the bar to find out what was happening. Shortly after this my meal arrived. I looked at it and it just looked like coleslaw with squid rings on top.

I took it back, putting it on the bar, understandably angry that after waiting so long they didn't get it right. It's not what I ordered. I'm not paying for it. I don't want it"

Because I swore, I was deemed to be aggressive, and when trying to explain why I was so angry, before even getting 3 words out was told to leave the hotel, and that if I did not the police would be called. The local police officer eventually did arrive at my asking. The management told them I would not be charged for my meal, but at the end of the night my friend who had allowed me to have a tab on her credit card as I had accidentally left my purse at home was told if she didn't sign for it she would not get her credit card back.

Moral of the story when visiting this particular country hotel? If bringing a large group here be happy with less than mediocre service, expect to pay for that mediocre service and don't complain.
No country hospitality here.

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Anonymous (not verified)


Does anyone know if this is a good pub?

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