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The Famous Royal Mail Hotel, KINGSTON, SA

The Famous Royal Mail Hotel
10 Hanson Street
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About The Famous Royal Mail Hotel: 

We have a comfortable bed in our Hotel for you!!

We take great pride in presenting to you clean, comfortable and AFFORDABLE accommodation for you to rest up ready for whatever awaits you the following day.

Please check for latest specials and current prices. (FREE continental breakfast for all.)

If you are planning a get together or party of some kind, whether it be a business meeting, wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, farewell, reunion, welcome home or just a good old "get together", we can help.

Dining-Out at the Royal Mail Hotel can be as simple as a meal at the bar or a get together in the dining room. Examples of choices and prices follow. Other choices such as PIZZAS (takeaway or eat-in), KIDS MEAL DEALS & STRAWBERRY SPECIALS also available.

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