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Mungerannie Hotel, MARREE, SA

Mungerannie Hotel
Birdsville Track
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+61 8 8675 8317
+61 8 8675 8388
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About Mungerannie Hotel: 

Mungerannie Hotel bar is like many outback watering holes, in that there is something unique at each discovered.

For Mungerannie it is the collection of hats.

Not just ordinary head coverings but those of the many who have made their mark somewhere along the most famous of outback tracks in Australia. Stockmen, drovers, cooks, farriers, owners, managers and one or two celebraties who have passed through over the many years.

For some they are like a badge of honour, for others a reminder of names and times, memories of life on the "Track"

Locals and those passing through sit chatting with Mungerannie Phil who is legendary in his stories. The hats increase in number occasionally and a new one is the cause of a few more drinks.

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