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Federal Hotel
96 Main Street
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08 8651 2195
About Federal Hotel: 

Peterborough is unique in that we are only one of two places in the southern hemisphere (Gladstone being the other) where you can still see broad (5'3"), standard (4'8½") and narrow gauge (3'6") railway tracks together.

It all officially came to being on the 12th January 1970 when the first broad gauge train from Adelaide and the first standard gauge trains from Port Pirie and Broken Hill arrived in Peterborough. Narrow gauge had been in the town since 1881. To mark the occasion a South Australian Politician was supposed to drive a diesel locomotive a short distance through a ribbon and then unveil a plaque at the platform by the Railway Station. However the Federated Engineman’s Union took umbrage to the fact that an untrained and non union member would be given the task of so they placed a black ban on the event. The matter could not be resolved in time for the unveiling so there was a plaque unveiled at the back of the Federal Hotel by the railway crossing by the townspeople to mark the occasion.

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