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Willunga Hotel, WILLUNGA, SA

Willunga Hotel
3-5 High Street
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The Hotel began as the Lincoln Inn hotel - William Atkinson was the first licensee on 30 April 1840. It was later called the Lincolnshire House; then the Bush Inn, 21 March 1844; then the Willunga Hotel, 2 April 1870.

The present building was built in 1870 when James Castle was the proprietor. The single storey building adjacent to the west is thought to date from 1848 and was the Cypress Store, proprietor James Castle. The next door, two storey, former store dates from 1870.

All three buildings are now part of the hotel complex.

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Comments (5)

Maureen's picture

Maureen (not verified)

My friend and I decided to have lunch at the Willunga Hotel on Thursday the 24th October,we have been a couple of years ago and do like the pub its self, but was very disappointed this time round, my friend needs a Gluten Free diet due to an allergy, but the only thing on the menu that could accomodate her was the Roast of the day or steak(which is quite pricey) with veg or salad. No chips as they contained gluten, a powder sprinkled on them to make them crispier,when asked if they had Gluten Free gravy they said no none of our sauces are gluen free.
So consequently my friend ate a very dry roast meal,when I mentioned that Gravox make an instant gluten free gravy readily availabe in all supermarkets that costs a few dollars, the manager through a deaf ear. This pub definately needs to be educated in special diets there is definately an ignorence, they supply a service, and that should cater for most special diets, there is a huge demand for gluten free menus , if all you chefs out there, learn anything from this comment,order in gluten free gravy, not rocket science !!!

Butch Percival's picture

Butch Percival (not verified)

My wife and I were holidaying in SA about this time last year. We stopped in, with other family members at the Hotel for lunch, one Sunday I think it was and we noticed the "what's in Kellies' Belly" competition.
We thought that was quite neat and I asked if it would be ok to take a photo of the poster, the girl said "ask Kellie, she's in the next bar".
I went and found mum to be and asked if it was ok and she said yes, that would be fine.

Now we keep thinking back to that interesting comp and wonder just how things eventuated with Mum and the bub.
Is it possible please, providing all went well with Mum and the new baby, to let my wife and I know how things panned out?

Sorry if I have spelt Kellies' name incorrectly, I can't find my photo at this moment in time to check if it's Kellie or Kelly

Many thanks

PS, those were the biggest parmas we've ever had.

jo's picture

jo (not verified)

There was a beautiful little girl in Kellies Belly! She is now nearly a year old I think, she looks just like Dad sans dreadlocks!

Sharon's picture

Sharon (not verified)

I would like to get some information about your Lunch Menue.We are planning an outing with our Seniors groups,but not sure if your hotel suitable for frail people?questions;
how much cost a Senior lunch menue?Are your facility have wheelchair assess and toiletts?
would be nice,if you could respond my letter asap.
Sharon /Coordinator

Hi there,

I dropped you a pack with a CD of the bands music and a bio before Xmas and I thought I would let you know that we are playing at the Alma next Saturday 30th. Perhaps you or one of your staff might be able to pop up and check us out at some point through the evening with a view to possible future work at the Willunga Hotel.

Thanks for your time.

Trish Ellerbeck
Nattai 0433 651 797

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