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Joe's Garage, HOBART, TAS

Joe's Garage
52 Collins Street
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03 6234 6644
About Joe's Garage: 

Set in a quiet cross street, one block from Hobarts amazing waterfront and just two blocks from the mall, Joes Garage is home to an extraordinary collection that possibly best describes the random mind of its creator, Matt Hamilton, an eccentric, middle aged larakin, with a passion for anything motorised. There is a story that goes with every piece in here, and the building is crammed to the rafters. Truly the most unique bar in Australia.

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Comments (4)

Kurt's picture

Kurt (not verified)

Fight central should be renamed the bogan bar!

Dave; South Australia's picture

Dave; South Aus... (not verified)

Have had a beer at Joe's many times over the years.Always welcome, always have a great time amongst relaxed & friendly people.Looking forward to the next visit soon.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Had friends who went here before a formal ball. They were in formal gear.
Was told by the barman that they had best leave before they were bashed! Not a place for families or gentle people

peter lee's picture

peter lee (not verified)

Utter garbage! The place is always full of people who are hell bent on enjoying themselves. I've seen tourists off cruise ships with no interest in motorsport what so ever, walk in for a look just to satisfy their curiosity and be welcomed. If you go in with a bad attitude expect it to be corrected. If you don't call in at all then it's your loss.

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