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National Park Hotel, NATIONAL PARK, TAS

National Park Hotel
2366 Gordon River Road
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+61 3 6288 1320
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About National Park Hotel: 

The National Park Hotel is situated at the entrance to the Mt. Field National Park and is the gateway to some of the world’s finest lake’s, Fishing spots, Bushwalking tracks and untouched scenery you will ever see. With Sights ranging from White-capped mountain tops prepped for winter adventures to summertime Nocturnal walks the quaint town of National Park cannot be surpassed.

The Hotel itself was built in 1920 as a boarding house. In 1923 a Licence was granted and extentions were made to the building that has made it what it is today.

We are again upgrading the Hotel, but are careful to leave the old rustic Australian atmosphere that the Hotel has come to know.

We offer old fashioned hospitality including a Guest Dining and Lounge room where guests help themselves to refreshments or just put their feet up.

A continental breakfast is included with the cost of the room. We also offer counter meals all year round.

The Hotel has shared Amenities, an outdoor smoking area and free on-site parking.

Guests are advised that young children, while welcome in our Hotel, are required to remain out of the bar areas.

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Reviews (1)

wjoseph's picture

For Locals Only - Visitors Beware

10 years 1 week ago

Travelling around Tasmania on a number of occasions I've had the opportunity to stop in a number of the small country pubs/hotels. This is by far the worst. Why? From the very first step inside the locals make you feel unwelcome - not just with looks mind you but interrogating you about why you have stepped inside their pub. This gives the feeling there is something shifty happening here. I visited with a friend on a Sunday evening - there were about a dozen people there and all were unfriendly to the point of getting in our faces and asking about why were there, what our jobs were - the publican - was intoxicated at approximately 6pm and playing pool the entire time.
Ironically, this pub is featured in Willem Dafoe's movie the Hunter - and we got a very similar response to him - which made us think the location scouts for the film had a similar experience and thought it would be good for the move.
My tip, don't stop and risk your safety - there other towns not far away that will offer a better service.


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