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Terminus Hotel Abbotsford, ABBOTSFORD, VIC

605 Victoria St
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03 94270615
03 9421 3990
About Terminus Hotel Abbotsford: 

If you're after a more intimate style of function or cocktail party, "The Old Bistro"is now called the "Departure lounge" is available . The decor certainly has the Termi feel, but hints at being a bit up itself, not too much, just enough to make you want it.

Fred's Shed:
Fred’s Shed can be transformed into a space that could include live performances such as theatre productions and comedy nights. Fred’s Shed & The Deck which spills off Fred’s Shed can hold up to 120 people.

The Deck:
Originally called the Poop Deck, it was mainly used in the olden days when dogs were allowed in pubs and that's where they used to house them all. Due to the lack of canine training and no public dogs bathrooms, they were forced to poo everywhere! And they did hence the old name Poop Deck. Now the animals have moved on and a bar is now situated where the old showering blocks were. This has opened up the space to obtain a panoramic view of down town Richmond and Abbotsford. This bar is a pure treat when the sun is out!

The Public Bar:
Well what can I say about the Pubic bar; fireplaces, beautiful artwork, comfy couches, two bars, sticky carpet, lovely patrons. Its just tops!! It feels like home, with a full bar and bartenders and people to clean up after you!

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