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Ascot Vale Hotel, ASCOT VALE, VIC

Ascot Vale Hotel
447 Mount Alexander Rd
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+61 3 9375 1928
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About Ascot Vale Hotel: 

The Ascot Vale Hotel welcomes everyone to experience a relaxed and comfortable corner pub that has been taken back to its former glory.

This 1875 gem caters for everyone, whether you are hopping off the tram for a quick glass, impressing a loved one or celebrating an event with close friends or family.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Despite having more licensees than Methusalah had breakfasts, this continues to remain one of the iconic establishments of Melbourne's inner North West.As such it is definitely worth a visit, and by "a visit" I mean one.The public bar is flanked by the most motley bunch of patrons you could imagine.At least ten of them on a busy night.You can be guaranteed a floor show most nights when the bar manager is working, that is, if he's not too busy stuffing his dial with takeaway or sweets from the lolly jar.The beer is cheap during "Happy Hour" Mon-Fri 5.00-7.00PM but don't expect to get a meal as a recent executive decision closed the kitchen. Nuts and chips can be purchased at exhorbitant prices from the bar. So if youre in the area on a Friday night and have already eaten , and feel like a beer or two in a pub where your not likey to get shot at,at least not anymore,call in.If you stay for a few hours you may be around to watch someone get cracked or witness a full on domestic. If theres a punch on and your a betting man,or woman for that matter ,don,t put yor hard earned cash on the stocky bloke with the shaved head.

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