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54 McIvor Rd
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03 54442700
About Sandbar: 

The Sandbar Hotel has changed from a drinkers bar to more of a family bistro, where you welcome to bring the kids and know they are in a safe environment. The meals are a great prices and consistent every time. friendly staff waiting to serve you with a smile. All desserts are made in house, by our chef. The outdoor Beer garden is a great place to have your next function, all the worry is left to us you just come in and enjoy yourself So for something different come in and give us a try. Your hosts are Andrew and Anne.

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Reviews (1)

David Sarkies's picture
David Sarkies

A pub I almost missed in my travels through Bendigo

7 years 9 months ago

This pub wasn't on my list of pubs to visit and I wouldn't have even known that it existed if I had not looked around and seen the Carlton Draft sign sitting prominently on the roof. Once again my pot was served to me in a glass with a handle (not that I object to that, it is just something specific that I have noticed around here). However the thing that did stand out was the massive beer garden out the back. However, once again, it just looked like a back yard with tables and chairs thrown about, though there was a vernada with a bar and a pool table. The men's toilets also caught my eye (which is saying something because toilets generally don't fascinate me) namely because the window over the urinal had its glass missing which meant that you could look out over the beer garden while doing your business.


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