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Ozone Hotel, DALYSTON, VIC

Ozone Hotel
Bass Hwy
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03 56787731
About Ozone Hotel: 

Permanently Closed

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Reviews (1)

No nuts's picture
No nuts


10 years 10 months ago

Every August we come to this pub and have been very happy with food and service but something has changed within the last 12 months. Waiter/owner was extremely rude to our children who where talking amongst themselves and owner expected them to listen whilst he talked through the whole menu.
As a sufferer of a severe and deadly nut allergy my meal was brought out covered in walnuts despite letting waiter know that my food could not touch or be cooked near nuts. When I returned my meal cook/owner was aggressive towards me because she didn't want to cook another meal. She started picking the nuts off the food. I felt her understanding of food handling was very poor. When my replacement food came out it was over cooked with limp cold vegetables, not to mention having to eat after the rest of my table was finished eating. I feel they should have bent over backwards to make amends as they near could have killed me if I hadn't noticed the walnuts but instead continued their aggressiveness and pointed me out to fellow patrons. Totally absurd and disturbing. Absolutely no understanding nor insight into food handling and responsibility in regards to deadly food allergies. I can assure that that was our last visit.


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