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Digby Hotel, DIGBY, VIC

Digby Hotel
Portland Rd
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03 55793281
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About Digby Hotel: 

"On Emu Creek, Richard LEWIS opened the Woolpack Inn on July 1, 1843; it was on the creek bank below modern Digby. attached store of four rooms and a 40 foot loft above. This inn was burnt down in 1887 and Mrs SOUTHERN who held the licence was jailed for two years for deliberately burning it down, but she was later found to be innocent."
.A second Inn which was to become The Digby Hotel was built by William BUCKLE of "Rifle Ranges". It was a structure of some 13 rooms with a valuable spring at the front door, and a stock yard with a capacity of 600 head, used to hold travelling stock in safe keeping while the drovers and bullockies enjoyed the hospitality of the house at a price. This hotel was destroyed by fire in 1935 while owned by Mr WALSH with the licence held by Mr M. McDONALD. Mrs WALSH rebuilt the hotel on the present site and it was officially opened in 1936

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