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Shamrock Hotel Dunnstown, DUNNSTOWN, VIC

Shamrock Hotel Dunnstown
20 Old Melbourne Rd
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+61 3 5334 7066
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About Shamrock Hotel Dunnstown: 

Dunnstown has a strong Irish heritage. Many locals have ancestors who settled the area when Ireland was hit with the ‘Potato Famine’ in the 1850’s. It was popular with settlers due to its proximity to the goldfields of Ballarat and employment.

In its heyday Dunnstown boasted sawmills, a thriving township and a distillery and is named after Irish distillery owner, R. Dunn. Barley was grown for the distillery but when it closed production stopped. The Irish being Irish turned to what they knew best, potatoes. The location and climate were, and still are, perfect for spuds!

The original catholic school and church and of course, the pub, The Shamrock Hotel, are still in existence.
The hotel boasts:
Beautiful mountain setting
Open fire places
Unique lounge bistro area
Modern well equipped kitchen
Bungalow in garden setting
Beer garden area and barbecue

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Yank from USA's picture

Yank from USA (not verified)

Say, i have told all my friends (all 3) of them about your establishment.
We all are going to visit you all. Sorry I forgot your name but not your friendly enviornment!

What are your hours so we can Visit again!!!

Be well


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