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Golden Trout Hotel, EILDON, VIC

Golden Trout Hotel
1 Riverside Dr
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03 57742455
03 57742429
About Golden Trout Hotel: 

Permanently Closed

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Comments (2)

Jordyn's picture

Jordyn (not verified)

My partner and I enjoyed a meal here and it wasn't bad. After only a ten minute wait or so our meals arrived. I had ordered a Pizza Parma and my partner, battered flat head. Both were really nice, huge servings And reasonable pricing. Mine was a little cold in the middle, but still a great tasty meal. My partners fish was cooked beautifully and was really tasty. All in all, you pay a lot more for a lot less in other places.

Worth a visit for a good bite to eat.

Matt's picture

Matt (not verified)

I havnt stayed in the motel but i did stay in Eildon last night and thought we should enjoy a nice meal at the local pub. How wrong was I! Worst steak i have ever eaten! Poor meat quality and looked like it had stewed in a cool pan for a while. Just terrible value! I ate the chips and salad. $26 dollars down the drain!

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