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Caledonian Hotel Motel, HAMILTON, VIC

Caledonian Hotel Motel
153 Thompson St
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+61 3 5572 1055
+61 3 5571 1218
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Hotel, Bistro, Bar, Beer Garden, 14 Motel Rooms
Live Entertainment Every Saturday Night Til Late

Directly Opposite Hamilton Information Centre

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Comments (6)

Cat- visitor's picture

Cat- visitor (not verified)

I travel with work and each time I come to Hamilton I end up at the Cal I have tried others but the staff environment and food keeps me coming back. Great job

Lita Hawken's picture

Lita Hawken (not verified)

Went to the Cally last night and had an amazing meal. Way too big tho. Met the new owners, they are awesome. Obviously was time for the previous ones to move on if the earlier comments are true.

Grace's picture

Grace (not verified)

I'v never encountered such rude hotel management in my life. The woman taking the food orders was ready for an argument as soon as we stepped up to the counter. She was so proficient at her bad attitude that it couldn't just have been a bad night for her The husband wasn't any better. these people need to get out of the customer service business, they obviously just don't like people. Don't need to patronise places like this.

Ralph Gascoigne's picture

Ralph Gascoigne (not verified)

Unfortunately some people get intoxicated and their manners deteriorate to an unacceptable level.
Rude and obnoxious behaviour will not be tolerated at 'the Cally'.
99.9% of our customers are able to come to 'the Cally' and enjoy a friendly social environment, full of fun and life.
It is a shame that the 0.1% attempt to spoil the environment for others and our hard working and friendly staff.
Ralph Gascoigne - Publican

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

I have been to the caley on a number of times and have had a grate time there. the staff where helfull and pleasent. the meals where realy nice and huge.
i have taken alot of people there and have been more than satisfied every time.
They will be seeing me again.
ps if you like a chicken palm then try the caleys they do it the best

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Owner rude and argues with customers. Meal was nice but the attitude and rudeness of the 'lady in charge' was appalling at best. First and last time I ever go there and I will be sure to spread the word. First rule in business lady, keep the customers happy - its not too hard to be flexible and treat people nicely.

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