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Red Lion Hotel, KILMORE, VIC

Red Lion Hotel
45 Sydney St
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+61 3 5782 1411
About Red Lion Hotel: 

Permanently Closed

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Just touching base with you again.
My name is Chris Zanca,I came over one afternoon for lunch and gave you my CD demo of my band - BLUE DOG CRUISER.
I have attached the link above in case you have forgotten.
If you are looking to place a Classic Rock band into your regular list I would like to make my band available for your consideration.
We play 3 sets of 45min
Can supply our own PA and lighting.

Also if you have any cancellations or are in trouble to fill a night please give me a call on:
9717 5899
0409 250 883


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JT (not verified)

the food was boss but i found a black chip and we had a food war and i took a chicken to the face but it was good and i broke their fence and playground.
Name: JT
Age: 42

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JT (not verified)


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jo (not verified)

We're local and were hoping this pub could be a regular haunt,but after a lunch there yesterday we won't be going back. Table service was slow, the food took ages to arrive, and 2 meals arrived a good 20 mins before the other 2. My chicken saltimbocca was not as described on the menu, was very overpriced at $22.50 and was dry and salty. I had gastro for 24hrs was either the food or thebeer pipes cos my cider tasted funny too. Pub looks very shabby and dated to avoid.

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Hazel (not verified)

We went for dinner on the half price night and hadn't booked because we were unaware that we should have. However, the staff were very courteous and showed us to a table regardless. We did have to wait a while for our meal - about 40 minutes - but the garlic prawns and the perfectly cooked steak were really delicious. We're booking for a night soon, so that we can try their other dishes at half price. What a bargain!

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Rob Lee (not verified)

We went for tea tonight, 24th April 2012. The food was excellent with the exception of the fettuccine my wife got which was watery, and not the spaghetti she had ordered. It also came with a bonus hair included.

The service on the other hand was pathetic. Firstly, the table waitress was chewing when she took our order. She was distracted right at the end, said "I'll be right back" and never returned to our table. This was at 7:40pm. I went to the bar in the dining room to get some drinks, where two people who where behind me in the queue were served ahead of me by the same waitress who served us at the table, and once done with them, propmtly ignored me. I was served by another person who was not even in the room when I approached the bar about 2 minutes later. My 7 year old daughter's dinner arrived at 8:00, 20 minutes after it was ordered, which is good. However, the 3 remaining meals on our table did not arrive for another 26 minutes (a total of 46 minutes), by which time our daughter had finished and was begining to fidget out of boredom. And this was a dining room that was approx 60% full, with both outdoor eating areas closed.

If you are prepared to sit through their miserable excuse for service, the food will be great, just don't order pasta.

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Mark (not verified)

As a old bar manager myself I am always aware of the service I recieve as a client.

This venue "The Red Lion Hotel at kilmore" has reminded me of the reality of what true customer service is.

I received fantastic service, fast & quality meals & had a great laugh with the staff.

If your looking for a place to chill out & eat a great value meal then I strongly suggest you go and check this homely place out for your self.

I'll be definetly going back here as often as I can.


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Anonymous (not verified)


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