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Duke`s Saloon, LILYDALE, VIC

Duke`s Saloon
292-300 Main St
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+61 3 9735 1620
About Duke`s Saloon: 

Duke's - An Iconic Local Pub in the heart of Lilydale

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Reviews (1)

Duncan's picture

Rescue Lilydale Hotel "Dukes"

9 years 10 months ago

Such a pity this pub is derelict. After researching my husbands ancestry, I found out his great grandfather, Edward Arthur Duncan was the keeper of the Lilydale Hotel before he went to war in 1915. He was known as Duke but Im not sure if he got the nickname from the pub or vice versa! He was killed in action in 1917. The license was carried on by his wife Agnes Mary Duncan. We would have absolutely loved to have a beer in his great grandad's old pub. Oh well...

Comments (5)

The Bigdog of Lilydale's picture

The Bigdog of L... (not verified)

I believe a developer/operator purchased it in 2010 and intended refurbish but he was unable to get the licence due to "issues". As it is such a prime piece of real estate running between the main street and John st, it is prime for development but the Heritage overlay restricts this. However squatters have apparently been in the building recently and amazing how they tend to have fires in places like this when allowed to sit derelict!!!!! I hope not as it has a lot of memories growing up in the town.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Its bizarre such a lucrative venue in a busy area is boarded up like this. Does Lilydale having 3 other pubs influence this?
And a shame such a heritage location is allowed to fall to ruin.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Indeed I too wonder about the owner ship of this place. Anyone with the wassup on it please email me; its got a lot of potential and I'd love to do something great with it. Ta !)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

This hotel has been closed for years.
Now a derelict building

john of melbourne's picture

john of melbourne (not verified)

Does anybody know who owns it and why it is empty for so long ?
Commercial properties like that attract t a huge amount of rates and land tax, by now those costs would have amounted to much more than the place is worth.

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