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Calendonian Hotel, MURCHISON, VIC

Calendonian Hotel
47 Stephenson St
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+61 3 5826 2450
+61 3 5826 2493
About Calendonian Hotel: 

Since June 2009, The Caledonian Hotel has undergone a slow and steady transformation.
With a fantastic new restaurant, with great food and decor. Perfect for any occasion, while with a great separate Bar Menu. (Have a look through the photos to see the transformation of the restaurant.)

The Beer Garden has undergone a complete renovation, with new furniture/shade sails/heaters & Misting Fan which blows a mist of air to keep you cool in summer.

The Bar is currently undergoing major renovations, with the Men's Facilities being moved to a new location, in order to renovate the bar and create more room for a lounge area.

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Comments (7)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

The new owner that has taken over this pub has lightened up the town and brought all the locals back into the pub. Staff are friendly and the chef is fantastic. Huge meals for great prices. Great turn around from the previous owner.

I highly recommend everyone pay a visit.

beverly crusher's picture

beverly crusher (not verified)

i think its disgusting on the part of the owner recently the variety club members were in the town of murchison only to discover that the publican severly overcharged alll our people with his prices at the bar to discover that he charged us as tourists more than he charges locals for his drinks apparently he has instructed his staff that to charge tourists more than locals as they only come once in a while and wouldnt complain and if they did the staff were to tell him and the tourist to get out or they will call the police

Lisa's picture

Lisa (not verified)

This pub used to have beautiful food and we quite enjoyed taking the kids there for dinner. But now the food is terrible and the service is atrocious. Last night we waited 2 hrs for our meals without complaining but when we did finally complain to the manager he wouldn't even talk to me and said he was calling the police! He would not refund our money and we ended up leaving without even receiving one of the meals. The food we did get was almost inedible. What a shame.

beverly crusher's picture

beverly crusher (not verified)

this hotel has a new owner and im sorry to say is shodily run business wise , the food is reasonable bar food but the turnover of staff this establishment has and the maintenance on this hotel is not exactly trade correct although the maintenance person does his best to do what is asked but myself i would not stay nor eat at this place

beverly crusher's picture

beverly crusher (not verified)

it seems that it may have started well with this hotel but it has now been taken over by someone who needless to say the locals know what the new owner malcolm bryce is doing to the place needless to say what goes around will come around to this owner and it isnt pretty

I visited this hotel on the weekend after a few years, WOW! What an amazing change it has undertaken! I now understand what the town was talking about. Perfect updated country hotel! Highly Recommend.

beverly crusher's picture

beverly crusher (not verified)

malcolm fancy writing your own reviews thats not a true review

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