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The Farmers Arms Hotel, NHILL, VIC

The Farmers Hotel
2-4 Victoria St
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+61 3 5391 1955
+61 3 5391 1955
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The Farmers Arms Hotel is located in the town of Nhill halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide and is great place to drop in and take a break.

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Reviews (1)

David Sarkies's picture
David Sarkies

The better pub in Nhill

9 years 7 months ago

My Dad once told me that in Australia a town is not a town without a pub, and since Nhill has three that probably makes it a thriving metropolis (and whenever I approach it the mirage makes it look much bigger than it really is).
The Farmers Arms is just across the road from the pub that I visited once (and when I drive through Nhill I don't make a habit of visiting pubs since drink driving is illegal, but occasionally I have the opportunity). The Farmers Arms is a little larger that the Union and has some tables out on the street so that you can have a beer and a smoke (if that is what you do), though it seems that most of the people prefer to sit inside at the bar. In fact it seems that out in the country the pubs still have front bars and people still drink at the bar (though I have noticed that there are some pubs in the city where that is still the case, but it seems that people generally don't sit at the bar anymore, unless you are at a special bar).

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