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Castello`s Pakenham Hotel, PAKENHAM, VIC

Castello`s Pakenham Hotel
226 Princes Hwy
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03 59411233
03 59401418
About Castello`s Pakenham Hotel: 

The Castello’s Pakenham Hotel is a popular, unpretentious pub that’s huge with the locals. It has a traditional pub feel and is always full of entertainment.

There is a TAB and a main bar that features a large LCD screen to watch all sports - AFL, cricket, rugby union …etc. When it comes to the crowd, there is a bit of mix with some of the laid back younger locals but most nights is a slightly older crowd. The food here is popular too, with cheap but decent meals including massive chicken parmas.

Don’t overlook the walk in bottle shop, we have a great range for your convenience too!

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Reviews (1)

pamela.scutt.79's picture

Visit 04/12/2014

6 years 1 month ago

Today Thursday 04/12/2014 Myself and hubby,sister and brother-in-law had the misfortune of visiting the hotel for the very first time..We arrived at 11.30 and proceeded into the bar for drinks whilst we waited for the bistro to open for lunch..The brother-in-law was purchasing the first lot of drinks only to have the barmaid try 4 times to get a head on the 2 glasses of beer,,they didnt finish those 2 and went back to purchase another 2 which we put down to maybe the first pulled from those taps for the day,,it really should have given us the first indication that we should have left and gone somewhere else..We then proceeded into the bistro for a meal only to be told that you didnt have 3 things on the menu which was no big deal (we didnt want wraps or kangaroo for lunch) We ordered 4 meals and 2 lots of garlic bread,,so far okay,,the garlic bread came out followed straight away by the main meals,,1x shanks,1x seafood basket and 2x fettuchini,,only to be utterly disappointed as the shanks were cold,,they got sent back to the kitchen for them to be reheated (possibly in the microwave) and came back out on the same cold plate and my husband was totally disappointed that he sent them back to the kitchen and asked for a refund which the waitress did get for him,,the 2 pastas were barely warm,,one of them was mine and I didnt mind as I dont like overly hot things but the sister wasnt too happy but didnt want hers to go back to the kitchen to be nuked and none of the plates were warmed,,after the meals were done my husband ordered me a coffee only to have to after 15 minutes ask the waitress where the coffee was to which she said *yes its coming I just had to get this other table their desserts first*(which just added more fuel to the fire) and she then proceeded to tell us that she had been left to look after the bistro on her own so I dont blame her she was only doing what she could under the circumstances...Then just to top things off to go into the ladys toilets and the first cubicle had toilet paper and other paper all over the floor and the boys said the mens was just as bad...So I guess we wont be paying you guys another visit any time soon..So overall first impressions were not at all good.. And just so you know a little about us,,this visit there was only 4 of us,,normally there would be roughly 9 adults and 3 kids in the family group and we meet in Pakenham on a regular basis as its central for all of us and we usually go to your competitor up the road only this time we decided we would have a change (how silly were we) and in our group we have (so you dont think we dont know what we are talking about) myself an ex chef,,my hubby an ex barman,,my sister and brother and sister-in-law who have all worked in hospitality over the years,,we like to give credit where credit is due as we know first hand that hospitality can be a very thankless industry but today was very disappointing..

Cheers Pam.....


Comments (1)

someone's picture

someone (not verified)

Chris the bar man. he is so rude and stuck up he needs to be replaced by some one who is well normal. terabel manners who swears at patreons and then tyres to use the his authority to get them kicked out. will be going some wheir else I think for my next night out in pakenham.

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