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Patchewollock Hotel-Motel, PATCHEWOLLOCK, VIC

Patchewollock Hotel-Motel
38 Federation St
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03 50841280
About Patchewollock Hotel-Motel: 

The Patchewollock Hotel-Motel is a little gem tucked away at the top of the Wyperfeld National Park, just South West of Ouyen.
The town of Patchewollock (or Patchy as it's known locally) is small but appealing with a shop and a pair of malleefowls that even the worst bird spotter can catch a glimpse of...
The hotel-motel itself has 7 rooms surrounding an outdoor swimming pool available for all guests to use. All year round if you're brave enough! Accommodation costs $20 per person per night.
The pub is open from 4pm everyday and is full of rural charm. You become an honorary member of the thriving Patchy community as you sit by the open fire and hear tales of the town's history and the characters who have passed through the hotel over the years. Most of them return to the hotel around 4pm each day!
Food is served from 6-8pm daily. There are two menus, a pizza menu and a menu of other hot meals including the local speciality of Wyperfeld Steak. Wednesday is pizzas only.
There is a bright and spacious dining room which can be booked for a private function, give us a call.
Surrounding Patchewollock are several local attractions that give a real sense of the Mallee including the untouched landscapes of the Wyperfeld National Park with its snowdrifts (sand dunes) on your doorstep, or the road to Ouyen where there have been sightings of up to 80 malleefowl at one time making it a hotspot for anyone who wants to see the endangered and normally elusive bird.
Patchewollock is a one-of-a-kind hotel, you'll never forget your stay here!

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