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Prince Maximilian Hotel, PRAHRAN, VIC

Prince Maximilian  Hotel
32 Commercial Rd
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03 9939 7870
About Prince Maximilian Hotel: 

Permanently Closed

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Anonymous (not verified)

Having decided to go out for a midweek dinner at the maximilian hotel for their special $18 steak night it started out as a great night,with the hotel itself fitted out beautifully.Unfortunately to my surprise a regular ,alcoholic punter arrives to this watering hole.He makes the dining experience horendous.He stands at the bar staring at people who order drinks and stares at you eating your dinner.then to add to the experience this man starts to make belching and snorting sounds regulary and loudly.It is very unpleasant and uncomfortable,ruining the dinner.I brought this mans behaviour to the attention of the waitress who is aware of this man and they have had numerous complaints about him but unfortunately they can't do anything about it.Obviously they haven't tried and i know management can do something about it and they should do something about itas this man is the only bad thing about the place.So hopefully if you decide to dine here you won't experience this drunken man if management have done their job properly.

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