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Criterion Hotel, SALE, VIC

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90 MacAlister St
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+61 3 5143 3320
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The magnificent 'Criterion Hotel Sale' will throw open the doors and offer a beautiful gastropub menu matched with a well thought wine and beer list. Heavily influenced by quality Gippsland produce we lovingly present a modern menu reflecting the care that was engaged in the renovation of the hotel. Pork from Giffard, Lamb from Stratford and cheese from local cow milk, we will constantly source new local suppliers for our up-market hotel menu.

-Open 7 days a week, from 11am. Lunch and Dinner available
-Alfresco Dining area
-Private dinning rooms available for hire
-Functions for up to 160 people, sit down
-Corporate meetings with equipment provided
-Live entertainment every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on upstairs balcony

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Comments (5)

Finer diner's picture

Finer diner (not verified)

So, a kings ransom has been spent on the venue but they have lost almost all the custom they are going to have through very poor service, and not being ready to open. 5 days after opening, my partner and a couple of mates went from Melbourne to review the venue, and at best it was an unmitigated disaster.

A number of other foodie friends and writers hAe been since with similar results. The venue looks spectacular, but the people running it have some serious issues on their hands, not least of all is that they simply do not know how to operate a venue. Service falls low on the list, there are no systems, the food is poorly executed, and staff simply don't know what they a doing. A request for a glass of Riesling saw a waiter looking at red wines.

This venue has amazing potential, and if it had the right people operating it, then it has some hope of ring successful. With the current team however, it is doomed to fail, which will be sad. The area needs a venue like this.

If I owned it, I would be looking for a chef/business manager couple to take it over now and make it a goer. Before it is too late and they re forced to close it again.

Rob Ashworth's picture

Rob Ashworth (not verified)

After total reconstruction, the hotel re-opened on Australia Day 2013. The exterior has been completely and carefully restored whilst the interior is all new, in a fashionable contemporary style (with some remaining heritage features retained). Previous owners had gutted the interior so there was precious little left to save.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

This pub closed in 2006 and is currently undergoing a total reconstruction which has preserved the historic facade and verandah. It will have meals, bar, accomodation & function area - expected to open in November 2011.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Yes it is heratage vic listed and is under renovations yet to be commenced since Pub was closed at least 10 years ago. Before its closure it was in a run down condition for many years with many rooms closed to the public.

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