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The Montague Hotel, SOUTH MELBOURNE, VIC

The Montague Hotel - image 1
355 Park Street
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+61 3 9645 9483
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The Montague Hotel is an old fashioned local situated in the leafy back streets of South Melbourne, committed to serving great food, wine and craft beer in a relaxed and friendly environment. From the same folks that run the award winning Courthouse Hotel in North Melbourne.

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Reviews (1)

David Sarkies's picture
David Sarkies

A quiet little pub hidden in South Melbourne

9 years 7 months ago

This is another nice pub hidden away in the leafy back streets of South Melbourne (though since the tram trundles by here fairly often, I am not sure if it is really all that out of the way). When I came here it was not all that crowded, though I suspect that does change as the night wears on. There are some seats out the front, as well as a restaurant, though no beer garden (but then again not every pub can support a beer garden, and there is some outdoor seating). It was interesting to hear the bartender tell a couple of girls how cabs don't like taking calls from pubs anymore because when they turn up half the time the patrons have all wondered off. Also, it has a pretty nice house beer.

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