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Royal Standard Hotel Toora, TOORA, VIC

Royal Standard Hotel Toora
Stanley St
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03 56862475
03 56863008
About Royal Standard Hotel Toora: 

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Reviews (1)

kathleen.c.whelan's picture

Excellent food and service

5 years 2 months ago

This Pub is once again doing great, with many regulars enjoying the food, service, and ambience, and visitors usually quite impressed with the variety on the menu, and the quality and price of the meals. Learn a bit about the history of the town while you wait for your order as there are a number of interesting old photographs on display around the dining area. As well as a separate bar there is an outdoor beer garden, an enclosed separate patio area that can be hired for small functions or meetings, and a children's play room in clear view of the dining area. Clean toilets too! The Pub is a great place to meet with friends, and is only a short 10-15 minute drive away from the gorgeous Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve up in the hills, even closer to the Birdhide and short boardwalk on Corner Inlet, and a short stroll to the Heritage Pear Orchard in town. Parkland with a playground are just across the road from the Pub, and many of the town's buildings have historic information on plaques out the front. A quaint town, well worth a stopover.

Excellent food and service - review image 1

Comments (4)

leesa.mccann.5's picture


Hi... We went to the Toora pub twice during a stay in Toora - All i can say is... I was so let down with the manager charging locals and vistors different drink and food prices for 3 children and 3 adults mains only it cost 230 dollars and no your not reading a misprint!!!! and a jug of lemon lime bitters for the kids cost 17 dollars! We were ripped off to the max!! The female elderly woman in charge .. couldnt ever muster a smile and was very rude on both visits we were there, the fact its the only pub in the town is annoying enough, but to be treated and charged crazy prices, just cause we were visiting is unEXECTABLE.... we attended the pub on news yrs eve 2012 and then again two days later! The young staff seemed confused by the pricing that was going on when we quizzed one of them to why we were paying $35 for a bottle of yellow tail and it was advised behind the bar on a post for $28??? Daylight robbery, rude management and a terrible experience to ensure we will NEVER Ever return back to Toora!!!!!

robert's picture

robert (not verified)

passing through,and had a feed with the misses at the weekend.the garlic prawn and beef curry were magnificent.and the service was fast and friendly. highly recommended.

rob from tourmaline's picture

rob from tourmaline (not verified)

was in town for a few weeks... mad cheep feed, wicked pizzas, good looking bars staff, but no luck on the T.A.B (not pubs fault) would defanatly plan this stop into a trip!! verry friendly... get involved

Christopher's picture

Christopher (not verified)


Fluked a day at Toora Pub

Cup Day special

Food was excellent
Service was so friendly
Staff were great

Now we go whenever someone visits our farm

Paul and Deb (Managers)

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