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Torrumbarry Hotel-Motel, TORRUMBARRY, VIC

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Murray Valley Hwy
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About Torrumbarry Hotel-Motel: 

The Torrumbarry Hotel Motel an Iconic Country Hotel only a few minutes from one of the widest parts of the Mighty Murray River.

Our Hotel consists of Classic Original Main Bar , Sports Bar section , Lounge area , Extensive dining room , Heated Beer Garden with large Rear Stage with many Live Performers.
Attached to the Hotel is our Motel all of our very comfortable rooms come with their own ensuite heating and Airconditioning , TV , Fridge , Tea , coffee & Toasting Facilities ....etc.
Please note: We are very easy to locate just 17minutes from Echuca along the Murray Valley Hwy toward Kerang

Hosts: Alan & Susie Bolden

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Reviews (1)

GoHawks's picture

A half star pub

3 years 9 months ago

If you want to experience the very bottom of the Hotel - Motel experience, you must go and stay.

Hotel: Offensive graffiti in public toilets, including anti-gay writings all over walls and ceiling. You can tell the graffiti had been there for a long time. Busted fittings and fixtures, holes in walls. It is a dump.

Want a bottle of wine? I hope you like red. Because, they only stock 1 locally produced favour. There is no choice. Like it or lump it. According to google, the brand did not exist. We found that the label disclosures did not meet legal requirements. I suggest that its a clean skin with a stuck-on label.

Diner: Expensive crap. Had the steak. Picture attached. Order it medium, came well done. vegetables were mostly out of a packet and boiled to death. Chips and carrots were cold. All this for $33. In our party, the first person had finished his meal, 10 minutes before the last person was served. No coffee / tea is available at the end of a meal.

Drinking: Very limited beer choices.
Watched a young man who was on the way to being drunk when he arrived, be served more and more alcohol, when it was obvious that he should have been refused service. Eventually, he tried to bate one of our party into a flight. Breaching the code on the responsible serving of alcohol.

Motel: You won't find much worse than these rooms, even in the third world! Busted and broken fittings, lights that don't work, Bad stains on carpets. Carpets that are so old the carpet pile sculptor is in flat where people have walked, areas are in original condition (raised) elsewhere. Some showers deliver a trickle flow. Others, struggle to maintain hot water.
None of our rooms had alarm clocks. Several rooms had wood showing termite damage.
Photos of a typical room and the motel is attached.

A half star pub - review image 1

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nobby's picture

nobby (not verified)

i am looking to contact ronnie crossman dairy farmer i worked there bout 12 or so years ago any help would be good as im back in uk

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

photos a tad old

admin's picture


We would love to upgrade photo if you can provide one.

Cheers admin

Amanda jack's picture

Amanda jack (not verified)

When you have the time,brandon,rylan,norm,Amanda xxxx

sabastian's picture

sabastian (not verified)

your info is wrong im the son of the new pub owner

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