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Agnew Hotel, AGNEW, WA

Agnew Hotel
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(08) 90375929
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About Agnew Hotel: 

Welcome to Agnew Hotel. We bought the hotel in November 2003. Since then we have done quite a few renovations. The front bar has been refurbished with a new roof and paint job. We have also opened Gail's Restaurant which has become quite popular. The fare has an international cuisine from Escargot to Aussie food. Intimate surroundings, great wines, excellent food and service makes for a great night out. We have had a couple of great Dinner and Murder Nights and will continue to host more through out the year. We have 4 rooms to let and are in the process of refubishing them. They will have carpet, a double bed with single bunk and television with in house DVD's. Later down the track we will fit french doors that will lead on to a verandah and then on to a grassed BBQ area.

Agnew is a must if your passing on your way to Geraldton (from south)or to Kalgoorlie (from west). Call in and have a chat and a look we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Reviews (3)

George Brew's picture
George Brew

The OLD Agnew Pub

5 years 1 month ago

I was hired by Rocky Hayles? In 1980 to run the club, first time bush after getting out of the navy in 77. Well old Tommy Cox never took his Sth Freo beanie off ever I don’t think. You’d get a beer anywhere from hot to cold, from free to 10 bucks, depending on how he felt. The Hannah’s brewery sent a few blokes up to show old tommy how to connect a keg to the tap. Tommy got them pissed n sent them home, I’m guessing kegs still some where not connected. At the time I think the Agnew had the widest bar in Aust. Ah hell, so many memories. Did I mention the old gravity fed fuel bowser, another story another laugh. Rocky if you’re still about, many thanks.

romeobrighi's picture

The Old Agnew Pub

5 years 4 months ago

I did my apprenticeship at Agnew mining nickle living in Lienster in the early 1980's, we use to ride our motorbikes to the pub and if you didnt offer ole Tom a beer first you would cop a warm one. He was a character good ole block.
They were the best days. Sad to hear the pub is not there anymore.

Phil Reynolds's picture
Phil Reynolds

1982 visits from Leinster Nickle Mine

7 years 10 months ago

When I worked at the Leinster Nickle Mine in the early 1982 We would go to the Agnew pub not far away. It was the only building left in the Old Township from the old Gold days. On three of the walls there were murals of the stories of Murray Ball's Foot Rot Flats cartoon from New Zealand. I wish I had have had my camera with me. Tom Cox the owner, had a menu board posted behind the bar with just Fish and Chips on it. One a Sunday afternoon, one of the guys said to Tom "can I have a serve of the fish and chips Tom?" The place was so sparse, Tom disappeared behind a hessian curtain into the back, When Tom re appeared to the bar he placed a tin of sardines and a bag of Chrisp's or Chippies, as the Aussies or Kiwi's call them on the bar! I think it was $4.50 Ha ha! What a laugh!! Priceless!!


Comments (5)

Ian  Larsen's picture

Ian Larsen (not verified)

I worked at leinster back in 1980-81 and visited the Agnew Hotel several times. Tommy Cox owned the pub then,a legend in his own time.Tom had a thing about cameras in the Bar to the point they were bared.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

there is nothing in agnew except the pub!

Anyone who has photos of Agnew or any other small mining towns in W.A. please contact us if you are willing to share them.

Bruce's picture

Bruce (not verified)

I stayed at the Angnew in 1982 with my family (as a 6 year old). It was a nice place - an old couple ran it back then. They knew my Grandad, Alex Campbell, who was the last full time resident of Peak Hill. I'll have to make it back there one day!

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