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Ye Olde Narrogin Inne, ARMADALE, WA

Ye Olde Narrogin Inne - image 1
2 South West Highway
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+61 8 9399 5944
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By the early 1850s convict labour had built a good road from Armadale to Perth and by 1853 the Narrogin Inn, the first building in the township of Armadale, had been constructed on the corner of the Albany and South West Highways. It is now known as Ye Olde Narrogin Inne and has been incorporated into Pioneer World. It is but a glimmer of the old wattle and daub hotel which greeted travellers in the nineteenth century.

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Comments (7)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

info is off, yes they built it then vbut it got burnt down so rebuilt in the 70s is nt wheelchair accessable

Julie's picture

Julie (not verified)

First time visit to the Ye Old Narrogin Inn. Four of us decided to meet for a few drinks, before heading "somewhere else" for dinner. We browsed the menu and thought we would give it a try. Very happy we did. Entree coconut prawns and calamari delightful. The Guiness pie a winner. And the fellas just loved the beers. The chicken caesar salads need a little more attention to detail But sweets were delightful. All in all, prices very reasonable. Friendly staff, great service, and great atmosphere.
Yes, we'd be happy to visit again.

Philip Gaynor's picture

Philip Gaynor (not verified)

Hi my name is Phil Gaynor ,Iam a decendant of William Gaynor who was the propriator in 1939. I was hopeing you would have time to send me any info , photos or any thing at all on him or the pub you may have , I would be so grateful as it will tie many of my puzzles together I understand it may be a bit of a hassle for you ,I hope you can find the time but will understand if you cant find the time. Many thanks.I cant come over as I live in QLD.Thank you for your time. Phil

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Ive been to the Narry twice before, the first time was late arvo on a sunday which was pretty good. The 2nd time was on a friday night, i thought it was great - i didnt have to wait at the bar for very long to get drinks, and the people their were quite civil and polite, there were no fights at the pub which is what happens at most these days and the other thing was me and a few people were playing pool and i accidently left my wallet near the pool table after we had finished playing, and someone actually handed it to the staff!! I was so grateful to get my wallet back, most places these days once you leave your wallet its pretty much gone.

The staff at the Narry i thought were also great aswel.

Tony Ashton's picture

Tony Ashton (not verified)

We had dinner on Friday night the 2nd July. When we were met we were told "That's your table is over there. I will bring you the menu in a minute." 15 minuets later we still had no menus so we stopped someone else. We then ordered drinks which arrived 20 minuets later. We were then asked to order our main meal. The young lady said it would be about 1/2 hour so we ordered garlic bread that arrived 1/2 later. The main meal arrived 1 hour later and that was cold. It was not as though they were difficult meals to make. I had Beef and Guiness pie with mash which were hard and inedible and my wife orderd Red Emporer with chips which were also soggey. I have had some very nice meals here before, but this was very disappointing. Out of 10 I would give you a 3.

Brooke Barnes's picture

Brooke Barnes (not verified)

My name is Brooke Barnes.I was wondering if you catered for wedding receptions.For approximately 50 guests?

Kind Regards
Brooke Barnes

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