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Cornerstone Ale House, BUTLER, WA

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Kingsbridge Boulevard
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+61 8 9562 0310
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About Cornerstone Ale House: 

It started with a vision. A beachside suburb, north of Perth, fully integrated, environmentally responsible and 21st Century advanced. It has become something more, an estate perfect for living, with a community spirit and local character you can feel and see.

Our family have designed and created a Tavern that envelopes this very character, a venue that offers the local community a place to gather, a venue that will become the very cornerstone of the social foundation of what is the Brighton Estate.

The Cornerstone Ale House is a little different to the normal pub. Overlooking the landmark lake of the estate, its vista offers all the rewards of fresh park side living whilst the interior brings a sophisticated contemporary warmth that may keep you there for longer and keep you coming back.

‘The Cornerstone Ale House is your local pub, it’s the Brighton Estate pub. The way a pub should be’.

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Bad aftersales (If there is such a thing)

4 years 10 months ago

I would have liked to make this place my 'local'. With my most recent experience, unfortunately, I cannot. The food is nice, the prices are reasonable, and the venue has a good atmosphere... but...
I will digress first up, and get to the heart of my grievance shortly. My pint of beer arrived with something floating in it. The floater was flat and about 3cm by 1cm, it was so obvious that I caught sight of it before it was placed on the table. Now, they replaced it straight away, and that was fair enough. What would have been better, would have been to provide this drink complementary, in compensation for grossing me out.
Now, here is where my experience goes south. I requested a copy of the tax receipt 4 days after eating there (we ate there Friday) because my original one was thoroughly washed in my shirt pocket, along with my shirt. As this was kind of my fault, I was thankful for the initial response when I phoned them with my problem. The lady that took my call said that she did not know how to get a copy, but would find out. Later that day, after about 5 hours, I called back to see how she got on. She said that she had to email the guy who know how to do it and that she was still waiting for him to get back. No problem I said. The next day I rang back and they said that the person who could help me would be in that night. So I left it to the next day, so they could get it sorted out. The next day my wife rings me and says that she has called them too (she was possibly thinking that I have done nothing about it, which normally is right), and that she too received a similar answer. So, after a couple of phone calls, my wife was told that their system does not record the order when purchases are made, and that they would have to go through all the receipts individually, manually. The next day (Friday) I rang back and told them what we ate, when we ate it and how much it cost, as I have the transaction from my financial institution. They said that they would call back when the person who could do it came in later that night. No call. The next day (Saturday), as we were running some errands, I thought it a good idea to pop in to the place, as surely, by now, they would have found the receipt. I sent my wife in while I waited in the car. In only a few minute, she called me on the phone and asked if I could come in, as the person she was talking to was displaying a little attitude, and the conversation was going in circles. I waltz in and asked to speak to the manager. I am the manager, said the person with whom my wife had been speaking. Ok, I said. Have you found my receipt? No, she said. We have found a receipt for February with a similar order, but have no record of you being here on the Friday. I showed her a screen shot of the transaction from my bank with the name of the establishment clearly and distinctly visible. I said that I would be happy with a hand written receipt. She said that she was not authorised to provide me with that. I said, then who can? She said that only the owners could. I said, could I please have their contact details. No she said. I am not authorised to provide that. She said that they are usually at another establishment during the day that is a suburb over, which they also own. And that I could go there and see them.
Who would have thought it was so hard to get a copy of an electrically generated receipt in 2019

It may seem like a small thing, but it has caused me much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Now, I have given up, which is portably what they hoped for. You win Cornerstone Ale House. But in the end, you lose my custom.


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Gary Webb's picture

Gary Webb (not verified)

The food here used to be good value but recently has gone down hill and portions have also got a lot smaller.

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