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Port Hotel
35 Robinson Street
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08 9941 1704
08 9941 1835
About Port Hotel: 

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In this old pub, in 1967, then Shire President (mayor) and proprietor and later federal government member of parliament Wilson Tuckey, assaulted an Aboriginal patron. Two people held the man down while Tuckey went at him with a piece of coaxial cable. Tuckey was fined $40 in the local magistrate's court. He is still a federal member of parliament (c.2009).

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Comments (6)

David Lai's picture

David Lai (not verified)

Hello! I am David. Thank you for your attention.

I am from Hong Kong. I am going to go to Australia for working holiday in late November. I am looking for accommodation and jobs right now, and I see this website from Google Search.
I think your place and rooms are quite good to stay, and the environment very suitable for me, but I have some questions:

Is Port Hotel providing job which can be starting in November?

Could I apply for any farm jobs before I go to Australia? (I am in Hong Kong at the moment, going to arrive in Australia in late November, around 26th November)
Or I have to be within Australia when I apply the jobs?

Is it possible to start a job immediately when I arrive in Port Hotel?

Should I send you more of my information first?

I would like to work outdoor. Farm jobs and fruit picking job are goo for me. I think I will choose this one if I can have a job there as soon as possible.

Thank you very much!

Tracy's picture

Tracy (not verified)

I heard there is working hostel right?
could you give me some job ?
I'd like to go there about begin of October
and can i book for room ?

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Hey, Do u have free wifi?
How much for one week rent? / Johan

Bryan's picture

Bryan (not verified)

This hotel does not have free wifi.

When i stayed there last november, it was $175 p/w for a single room or $150 for a twin and if you used the daily bus to/from work, it was an extra $25.


Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

had quite a few one night stands in this pub back around 1975, used to work out at texada mines, on the solar salt ponds, new wilson tuckey personally, had many late nights around the swimming pool near the lounge bar, good town carnarvon, had some fun times there, used to frequent the gascoyne too, was going with a barmaid from there named denise, cheers.

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