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Corrigin Hotel, CORRIGIN, WA

Corrigin Hotel
17 Walton Street
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(08) 9063 2002
(08) 9063 2346
About Corrigin Hotel: 

Locally owned and operated. Meals available in the homely surroundings of the Corrigin Hotel dining room. Budget accommodation for singles and families. Guest kitchen and lounge area with TV and DVD. Some rooms have ensuite while others have communal bathroom facilities.

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Comments (1)

Paddy and Carol McNamara's picture

Paddy and Carol... (not verified)

Hi Scott and family,

I expect this will be like a 'blast from the past'! Jog your memory Scott, Paddy used to help you three boys with your homework at the Clare!!!!,
How we miss Mum and Dad - never been the same since they left. Hopefully the new owners can 'clean' the place up and attract a different clientel - Kapunda certainly needs it - remember 'Puffer' from the Prince of Wales - he has taken over the North Kapunda Hotel - cleaned that up - he still has the Prince - got himself a great cook - hard to get in, especially at weekends - a bit pricy but was in not these days- pay peanuts get monkeys!!!!!!

We have kept in touch with Mum and Dad over the years and of course the Internet has made it so much easier - Mum and Dad are here in SA - Paddy and I are hoping to catch up with them before they head back to WA.

Paddy and I are now 'real oldies' both in our seventies - our Grandson is 24 to day actually and our Granddaughter has just turned 19 - she and our eldest son and wife are on holiday in Bali at the moment and loving it - up in the Mountains of Bali. Our other son, Jeremy moved to Sydney 20 odd years ago - he has his own restaurant in Sydney - Oxford Street and has just taken on a commercial kitchen for outside catering.

When I saw the photograph of the Corrigin Hotel it reminded me so much of the Oriental Hotel that you managed all those years ago - what is business like? Understand from an email from Dad that your children love to swim and are doing really well - how do you cope with the heat in WA - anything over 25 here is too hot for me - todays weather is 24c but the humidity is something like 75% - nasty.

Wonderful to have touched base with you - bought back some lovely memories Scott. Should you visit Kapunda - Mum and Dad have our address and telephone number - always welcome.


Paddy and CarolMcNamara

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