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Potshot Inn, EXMOUTH, WA

Potshot Inn
Murat Road
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About Potshot Inn: 

Enjoy a relaxing Beer in our front bar named after Cyclone Vance which completely destroyed it in March 1999. Open from 10.00am to late 7 nights per week.

Our Pool bar is open from 10.00am till late 7 nights a week. Sit back and relax in glorious sunshine beside our pool or take a dip.
Indoor Restaurant

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 365 days per year.

Experience Stone Grill an exciting new dining experience

Here at the Potshot Hotel Resort we cater to all your accommodation needs. Choose from our Deluxe Osprey Holiday Apartment, Our Hotel rooms / Resort style units or choose our Backpacker style accommodation.


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Comments (7)

joni's picture

joni (not verified)

I was stationed at H.E.H in 1990 and I remember the Pot Shot bar...was really popular with everyone...and everyone in Exmouth was always so friendly ...would love to come back for a visit....

Jim Eisensmith's picture

Jim Eisensmith (not verified)

I was stationed at H.E. Holt in March of 1969 to March of 1971 I was a 3rd class Ships Service and Worked all around the base. I married a local Australian and we have been Happily married for 41 years with 2 kids. We returned to Exmouth in 2009, and I could not believe the changes, although the base is still open they only use a small part of it now. and the Barack's are all boarded up as are most of the buildings. The town has changed so much that I could not recognize anything except the Pot Shot where we stayed for the week. It was a great trip and I got to see a lot of my In laws.

Robert M FLores's picture

Robert M FLores (not verified)

I am a nostalgic kind of guy, my first duty station was Naval communications Station Harold E HOlt, Exmouth As 1972/1973 Potshot Inn was my home away from home. I met alot of friends there, and when I transfered they were left behind. I was wondering if you have any history on the INN, even photos. present and past. please you can contact me via email or access my facebook, look for Robert M Flores of Kentucky. I plan on a return trip to the cape next year hopefully. to see the changes and relive the past..
I used to be known as "SPANGLES" a nick name the local Australians called me and I wore it with pride. some barmaids you used to have were Debbie, Jan and I think it was Jill or JO.


Ernie Campbell's picture

Ernie Campbell (not verified)


I was at the Navy Base from the fall of 1970 until March of 1972. At that time, I was known as Rocky. Spent many a time at the Inn having a Fosters Beer. Can't confirm the names of the barmaids, although Jan does sound familiar.

Paul Mykytiuk, Jr's picture

Paul Mykytiuk, Jr (not verified)

I was surfing on my computer, and I said to myself whatever happened to the Potshot Inn. I decided to check it out and came upon this site.

I was one of the 1st people stationed at the US Navy base in the 1960's. I loved the area with all its seclusion. I made a lot of civilian friends, and played Aussie Rules football with the town team. The fish & chips I used to get at the local market were the best I have ever had. The parties on the beach, the fishing, riding around in the bush, were all memories I will never forget. The Potshot was the meeting place, and I spent hours shooting darts and visiting there. Some of the friends I made during my stay worked for GH Reid construction company, Len Clements and Ron Preston. I lost touch with them, but it sure would be nice to chat with them again.

I have always wondered about the town and how it was doing. God willing I would like to visit again someday.

Paul C. Mykytiuk, Jr.
South Hadley, Massachusetts

Dick Heinke's picture

Dick Heinke (not verified)

I was searching the web for the Potshot Inn whereupon I found your blog relating your experiences on the NW Cape. You must have been there around the time when I spent several months there. I was the guy who had designed several of the HF Communications antennas that were installed by Keltec Corporation. I arrived there in December of 1966, survived Cyclone Elsie and left in September. However, being a former Naval officer, I was loaned to the Navy to come back in 1968 to access maintenance and the hard environment. I, too had good memories of hoisting brew at the Potshot Inn and fishing in the surf up near Vlamin Lighthouse where I got to know the keepers before they were re-assigned foll0wing the commissioning of the light on the center mast of the VLF center tower. Did you remember or ever meet David Williams who worked for Keltec? I think he may be become a resident of the bar at the Potshot. In 1968, there was a 1st class ET who I worked with on revising and modifying the rotatable LP's... do you remember his name? He and his lovely wife were stationed there at the time with whom I had a great time.
If you reply to this, you will get a message that you are not an approved email correspondent..... ignore it and I will pick it up on the spam blocker in-box and reply to you.... OK?
Dick Heinke

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

I was a Special Agent with NIS and was sent TDY from Pearl Harbor to HE Holt to work a few cases in 1985. I stayed at the Potshot Inn and was amazed how rustic it was. I recall watching TV in my room which only had one station. The weather was on and the forcast for the day was that the weather was fine and would be fine the next day. I worked at the base for a few weeks and used the CO's car to get around. I recall at nite a bagpiper would play at sunset. It was lovely and so was the area. I hope one day to go back, unfortunately, not on the dime of the government.

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