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The Stirling Arms, GUILDFORD, WA

The Newly Renovated "Officers Courtyard"
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The building was completed in 1852 with renovations carried out in the 1930’s,1960’s and now again in 2011. John Welbourne, a carpenter, policeman, gaoler and ‘jack of all trades’ applied for the freehold land in 1851. The hotel was built with the assistance of ‘ticket-of-leave-labour’.

Welcome to The Stirling Arms. Today we have the "Ticket Of Leave Bar" & "The Officers Courtyard", fully renovated in late 2011. Our Chef, Susan Le Sueur has developed a Menu based on SHARE FOOD. All our condiments are house made and produce locally sourced. Check our web site for a copy of our current menu and future events @

Come in today and SHARE an experience with us.

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Comments (5)

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Anonymous (not verified)

Thought we would try this place for the 1st time. It didn't seem like a very busy night however we waited an hour and 45 minutes for our meal and was served a warm beer. As we left the restaurant one of the waitresses shouted "your welcome" (not intended for us to hear) as a rude gesture because we did not say thank you on the way out.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Sooo glad the Stiriling Arms has been refurbished and has new mangement! It was such a shame to have such a well situated pub go to waste. The 'facelift' looks great!

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jess garven

The Stirling Arms Hotel Guildford
The Building was completed in 1852 with renovations carried out in the 1930's, 1960's and now again in 2011. The hotel was built with the assistance on "ticket of leave labour". A convict received a TICKET OF LEAVE before his sentence expired which freed him to seek employment, to marry and to own property and land. From this has come the "Ticket of Leave Bar". A fully renovated bar area, large screen TV's, Lounge seating, Coffee & Cake as well as a full menu now on offer from Wednesday to Sunday.
The "Officers Courtyard" was opened on Friday the 25th November 2011, offering seating for 100. The area is fully renovated & landscaped. Full menu offerings are available in the "Officers Courtyard".
A Thirsty Camel Bottle shop is now located at the hotel. The bottle shop is fully stocked and holds many local wines and premium beers in stock.
The new Stirling Arms Hotel may be a shock too many as the old has more than disappeared it has been obliterated. The new venue is clean, tastefully decorated, has a friendly atmosphere, and offers great value food as well as Coffee and Cake options. The Kids - "Scallywags" food offerings are a sight for sore eyes with no Nuggets and Chips being offered, instead having healthier options.
Give this old yet new venue a try and I am sure you will be back again.

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You forgot to tell everyone that The Stirling Arms in now under new management.

Fantastic venue, fantastic food, great service.

Managed to get in there to sample the new offerings before everyone gets to know about it and it gets packed.

Shhhh don't tell anyone.

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Anonymous (not verified)

To all viewing this page,

As from June/July, there will be new owners of the Stirling Arms. This couple are reliable and already own another successful pub.

Hopefully, the changes that are made will suit each and every one of you, and will bring new life to the beautiful pub that it truly is.

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