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Menzies Hotel, MENZIES, WA

Menzies Hotel
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08 9024 2016
08 9024 3042
About Menzies Hotel: 

The town was established in the same year and by 1896 the town hall was starting to be built. The railway came through in 1899 and by 1900 the town had two breweries, thirteen hotels and a population of over 10,000 people. The Shire of Menzies still remains the largest shire area in Australia. In 2001 it carried the grand population of 201 permanent residents.

The only remaining hotel provides counter Meals, Dining Room, Accommodation, Bar, Pool Tables, Jukebox, Beer Garden & Cold Beer.

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Comments (2)

Daves Angels's picture

Daves Angels (not verified)

Corn Mack - Get a Tinnie in Ya!!!!

What a great pub and worth the drive.

aileen searle's picture

aileen searle (not verified)

wonderful egg and bacon burger and chips, wonderful barmaid, a real true blue aussie wonderlady.
after a 'stroll' round Lake ballard, just what the doctor ordered

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