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Wyndham Town Hotel, WYNDHAM, WA

Wyndham Town Hotel
19 O'Donnell Street
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08 91611003
About Wyndham Town Hotel: 

The Wyndham Town Hotel provides accommodation, excellent food (including the famous Barra Burger), entertainment and serves as the main watering hole for the local residents and numerous tourists to the historic Wyndham townsite.

Wyndham was settled in the mid 1800's to service the Halls Creek gold fields and the outlying cattle stations. The Wyndham Port was first established in the 1880's and to this day provides a vital link in the export of live cattle, sugar from the Kununurra sugar mill and serves as a shipping facility to the numerous mining ventures in the region. The Port also caters for the numerous tourism vessels that ply the Kimberley coast or offer fishing charters to remote parts of the region.

Today Wyndham is experiencing another Boom with major mining activity bringing hundreds of workers to the town. Tourists are also flocking to Wyndham to experience the true outback, which was recently made famous through the major Baz Luhrman film "Australia".

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