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Fri, 2011-09-23 03:40 -- bob

ON of the simple pleasures about beer is that you can travel the world without having to
go too far from your fridge.

The beer journey sees us venture to South East Asia and Beerlao.

From country of the same name (except the country isn’t called Beerlao– just Laos), this
lager has all the qualities you might be familiar with when it comes to Asian beers.

It is a clear straw coloured drop with a good white head and a subtle barley aroma. These
are all trademark qualities of many Asian beers which are based on European brews.

However I found this to a light-style of beer, a bit ‘gassy’ initially and with slight degree
of creaminess but a clean and refreshing drop.

There’s a good balance of bitterness in the aftertaste and it certain goes down very easily.

It’s a beer which doesn’t make you feel bloated, nor does it have that element of sweetness which makes you ‘bored’ with the beer.

It doesn’t sit heavily in the gut and is more like a low carb beer but is full strength at 5
percent so be aware, a session on this will have consequences.

Like most Australians’ exposure to Asian beers, many would have come across this
while on holidays and it has that quality to it – relaxed, friendly, easy drinking and very

Naturally I would suggest this would go well with Asian dishes, especially Vietnamese
cuisine or those dishes which aren’t as heavily flavoured like Thai curries.

This would also go well with seafoods and white meats or salads.

It’s a good thirst quencher but equally at home at any time if you have friends over.

It looks classy in the bottle so next time you are looking for something to impress friends at a barbie, why not take along so Beerlao.

You could always tell your friends you came across it in your travels (even if that’s only
to the local bottle-o!)


Serve this nice and cold and in a tall glass to appreciate the effervescence. This will
appeal to those who enjoy a beer that isn’t over powering but still offers refreshment and
isn’t bland. This is a good party beer and at around $16 a 330ml six pack, it’s not bad

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