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Byron Bay Pale Lager

Fri, 2013-04-12 21:10 -- bob
Byron Bay Pale Lager

THERE are a few things about these days that signify 'trendy' for example Byron Bay and 'pale' when it comes to beers.

So imagine what happens when you combine both?

The possibilities are endless so it is understandable when the Byron Bay Brewing Company released its Byron Bay Pale Lager, there was a certain degree of hype surrounding it.

After all, Byron has become the new Noosa - shaking off its surfing escape destination tag for a much more sophisticated persona.

Like it or not, Byron Bay ain't what she use to be, and it seems to be a far more flashy place these days.

In many ways, the Byron Bay Pale Lager typifies the place.

I have not come across too many pale lagers in my travels the anticipation was high.

After all, the beer market is awash with pale products these days with that section growing rapidly.

This also means that you need to make a lasting impression with your drop or else be swamped by something new just around the corner.

This pale lager has a clear bronze appearance with a thin head and low effervescence which you might expect from a lager.

There's a subtle citrus note to the aroma, as you'd expect from a pale beer.

That translates through to the initial taste with it being slightly creamy and smooth across the palate.

However, I found this to be lacking in the after taste with little substance and left you wanting something more and despite repeated mouthfuls, it didn't deliver.

It's not a light beer either, at 4.8 per cent and being a lager style, it won't bloat you but it is filling.

This is a BBQ beer and one which I think people will try for the name alone.

The Byron Bay Brewing Company does produce a good drop on site at their premises in Byron but this brew, made under licence to CUB doesn't live up to those heights.


Serve this cold, keep an open mind and judge for yourself. At $17 a 330ml six-pack, there're plenty of beers out there ahead of this. Available through major chains.

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