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Cascade Pure

Mon, 2011-11-28 19:50 -- bob
Cascade Pure

WITH everyone trying to take the moral high ground when it comes to being carbon neutral, Tasmanian brewer Cascade has jumped on board with its Pure lager.

The beer has ``originated'' in Tassie, a state renowned for the purity of its water, air and produce, so it's no surprise that Cascade continues to cash in on this, especially in emphasising that the brewing process is all natural.

I have found in the past that some of the "carbon neutral, enviro friendly, organic/natural brews" can be flavour neutral and boring but Pure presents a drop which delivers a great alternative.

It has a good, clean copper appearance with a tight, white head.

The aroma suggests a healthy amount of malt but there's also a hint of citrus.

Pure is clean and crisp across the palate with the malt notes coming through in the aftertaste.

There's good body to this (as you might expect from a lager) which is a relief given the "skinny" beers on the market.

Pure also has just enough bitterness to it to make it very moorish and draw you back and while it is a lager, it doesn't sit heavy in the gut, making you feel bloated.

It's a thirst-quenching beer with good sessionability but be aware it is a full-strength drop at 4.5 per cent.

I might suggest it goes with shellfish or a light meat such as lamb or maybe some Mediterranean dishes.

Cascade has served up a lager which fills a bit of a gap in the market for those looking for a beer with body but not too heavy and one which can be enjoyed in the warmer months.


Serve this up nice and cold but I suggest you allow it to sit just for a bit to allow both the aroma and flavours to come to the fore. At around $16 per 330m six-pack, it's good value.

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