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Thu, 2011-03-03 01:04 -- bob

WHEN the weather is stinking hot and humid, it’s the perfect time to be bold and try and
find a beer that will quench a thirst.

Usually that quest has you looking in the non Australian end of the beer fridge at the
local which is exactly what I did and there I found Gosser.

Proudly boasting that it is Austria’s finest beer, Gosser pale lager has plenty to live up to.

Having tried plenty of European beers, I was expecting something with a robust barley/
hop flavour which would be very clean and crisp in flavour.

I was partially right.

Gosser has a light golden colour with a head which doesn’t hang around for long.

There a good hop nature to the aroma but that doesn’t translate through to the flavour.

It is a clean, crisp and refreshing but the initial mouthful could leave you thinking that it is a beer lacking in that department.

However, it hasn’t found a market on being a dull, bland lager and its value comes in the
aftertaste which is enhanced with each consecutive mouthful.

There’s a hoppiness which combines nicely with a slight bitterness to draw you back and it really develops with every taste.

It is a light beer in nature and doesn’t sit heavily in the gut and at 4.2 percent, while
classed as a full strength, is a beer which you can enjoy a few without suffering the

I would suggest Greek style dishes or white meat salads as the hop nature helps to cleanse the palate.

The subtle way this lager’s true flavor creeps up on you is surprising and I must admit at
first I thought this was p*** weak in terms of flavour.

Be patience with this drop and remember that is Austrian and not Australian – there is a


Serve this nice and cold in a tall glass and don’t be disappointed if the head disappears
quickly, the flavour will remain. This is a good summer beer which does offer something
a bit different but at $19 a 330ml six pack it is a premium beer which may struggle
against others in the same price range – worth trying though!

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