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Holgate Brewery Temptress Chocolate Porter

Mon, 2015-07-27 08:51 -- bob
Holgate Brewery Temptress Chocolate Porter

YOU could be forgiven for thinking that pale ales are taking over the beer world.

However, variety being the spice of life or in this case, the challenge in the beer section of your local bottle, I must confess to being very to black/dark beers.

With this in mind and being in the cooler months, the Holgate Brewery in Victoria had me straight away with their Temptress chocolate porter.

For the minute you open the bottle and pour into into a decent glass, you are confronted with a rich black drop with a coffee-coloured head and the nose leaves you in no doubt what lies in store. The rich chocolate aroma masks a hint of vanilla and roasted malts.

It has a low effervescence and is luscious across, smooth but well-balanced without being too creamy. Being full bodied, it delivers flavour in spades and follows that initial impression of chocolate, roasted malt/coffee expectations.

As the name suggests, Temptress has a lingering after taste which immediately has you coming back for another mouthful.

This isn't a quaffing beer but one to be enjoyed slowly..

As a porter, it is not as heavy as a stout but at 6 per cent, make no mistake, a few of these and you may find yourself feeling very laid back.

While Temptress doesn't bloat you, it is a “filling” beer and which those who like a lighter style may steer away from..

It would be well suited to a rich hearty stew or pie or a good chocolate dessert such as mud cake.

For lovers of bitter blacks, this might be a touch sweet and while it is ideally suited for cooler weather. I think it is an ideal beer to finish the day.

You might find this Temptress hard to stay away from.


The suggestion is to serve it between 8-10C, which is fine but does take on slightly different characteristics as it warms. It is a premium beer at around $18 per 330ml four pack but worth the indulgence. It’s available through national chains.

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