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Little Creatures’ Dog Days Summer Ale

Wed, 2017-02-15 19:18 -- bob
Little Creatures’ Dog Days Summer Ale

I HAVE to admit I’m not a fan of cans, especially when it comes to beers. However, I was pleased to see that one of my favourite summer ales, Little Creatures’ Dog Days Summer Ale, has now come out in cans, because the range of brews in aluminium are pretty limited when it comes to truly flavoursome drops.

Dog Days is a happy ale with a good floral nose, a clean crisp flavour and is very easy to drink. It has been out in stubbies for quite some time now but the addition of cans to the range means you can take them into places where glass isn’t allowed and enjoy a beer which is more challenging taste wise than mainstream fare. Of course, for those ­who aren’t happy drinking from can, you can always pour into a suitable glass and enjoy the same great taste you get from stubbies.

Dog Days is an ideal summer drink, refreshing and thirst quenching, especially on hot days.

It has good sessionability, doesn’t sit heavily in the gut and at 4.4 per cent retains enough core characteristics of a good thirst-quenching beer to appeal to hardcore mainstream drinkers.

The odd thing is it comes in 355ml cans — US 12 ounces.

While there’s nothing new about Dog Days, if you are going camping, to a sports ground or picnic where glass isn't allowed you now have an option for something a bit more tasty.

MY TIP: Always serve this cold, not chilled and at around $21 per 355ml six-pack, it is in the premium beer range.

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