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St Kilda Hotel, ARMIDALE, NSW

St Kilda Hotel - image 1
104 Rusden Street
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About St Kilda Hotel: 

The St. Kilda Hotel Offers Typical Pub Accommodation with a variety of rooms from single to Family rooms, to cater for those on a budget with shared lounge room and bathrooms. For Enquiries and bookings please Phone The Hotel.

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Reviews (1)

Hope Shepherd's picture
Hope Shepherd


2 years 11 months ago

The worst place i have ever stayed in my life.. beds smell, carpet is so dirty I slept with my shoes on so my socks would not touch the carpet. Only one WW2 blanket on the bed. The bathroom shower curtain was being held up by a broom handle and duck tape and used towels left in the shower with pizza boxes and bear cans on the floor. There are holes in the walls and a inch of dust along the trim and rats running inside the roof and walls all night. If I wasn't with others that booked the accomodation I would have run away from this slum


Comments (4)

Bodan Temnyk's picture

Bodan Temnyk (not verified)

Was awful. Just terrible.

Bad food, bad staff/service.
Place was dirty.


Would never recommend.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

obviously you dont stay at hotels much thank god you must be from the city,that figures,how about ya look in ya own back yard buddo,penrith panthers,pots point radison locations etc,theres is very little difference in the locations and your a band we see it all first hand,and the st kilda is not as bad as you make out......on par with most hotels with entertainment,real entertainment for locals and immagrants to enjoy......if ya want a little house on the prarie ,,go west young man go west and take that arragant attitude with ya im sure with that type of personality some cow poke will surely adjust it with

Tony's picture

Tony (not verified)

Glen Innes... read my comments about the really excellent Central Grand.Clean cosy and great value.
The Apsley Arms in Walcha is a classic Aussie pub with wonderful hosts, a first class restaurant and immaculate facilities.
The Australian pub in Inverell is cheap and cheerful
In Northern Rivers try The Crown. I've stayed there many times for its friendly staff great value and beautiful location on the Clarence.
Aussie Country pubs...I love em !

Tony's picture

Tony (not verified)

I stayed there last August 2011 for two nights.. From the moment I walked in I hated it. Aggressive staff , foul mouthed publican, grimey room chocked full of beds.
Broken furniture and worn out fittings. Absolutely froze courtesy of an ill fitting balcony door. The guests lounge had an ancient carpet that stuck to my shoes from the accumulation of spilt drinks and food.
Second night they had a rave party. Drunken idiots screwaming abuse all night and smashing bottles. A guest's car had its windscreen broken.
Second floor stank of cigarette and you couldn't sleep for teens yelling and running about the corridors.
I wouldn't stay there again if they paid me.

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